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How Long Do Dental Implants Last? In-Depth Look Into the Factors

by | May 21, 2023 | , , | Dental Implants

There’s no denying that dental implants are on the rise in popularity, but many people wonder just how long they last. Asking about durability is one of the most frequently asked questions during a patient’s initial consultation with their dentist. How much time can patients expect to get out of their dental implants? In order to be aware of how long your implant may last, it is important to understand the factors that influence its lifespan. By being mindful of these components, you can better understand what kind of longevity your implant will provide. Uncovering a definitive answer is often a challenging task. This article will dive deeper into the various determinants determining how long dental implants can last. 


Are Dental Implants Permanent?

Dental implant surgery is an innovative solution for those needing a replacement for their missing or damaged teeth. These implants replace your natural teeth with absolute accuracy, restoring the look and function like real ones.

longevity factors teeth implant balmoralThe dental implant procedure allows for a bond between the implant and the jaw bone, providing superior security to other replacement options.

By evenly distributing the mastication load across both sides of your mouth, biting and chewing can be almost restored to their original ability, saving any area or side from experiencing too much strain.

Additionally, tooth implants bring comfort as they do not need extra care to be taken out and cleaned like dentures. All these attributes make teeth implants the go-to option for missing teeth issues due to their ease of use. 


Dental Implants Parts

The dental implant consists of the following parts: 


The artificial root

Usually, this root is made of titanium, and the artificial root is a cylinder-shaped screw used to replace the natural tooth root. 


The abutment

This little piece links the titanium implant and the crown and is an anchor for them both. 


The dental crown (artificial tooth)

Dental crowns are typically made from porcelain or ceramic materials; this is the false tooth you’ll see when you smile. 


Dental Implant Lasts a Lifetime With Proper Care

Making a significant financial and personal commitment by investing in dental implants is an important decision, so it’s crucial to ensure you reap the highest return on your investment. Unlike dentures and dental bridges, a single dental implant can last up to 30 years but even beyond. This long-term endurance depends on various circumstances, such as the patient’s health condition and implant quality. Routine visits to your local dental clinic are key to ensuring your oral health is supported in the long term, as it provides an opportunity for you and your dentist to discuss any issues or worries about your particular situation. Enjoy clear speech and a dazzling smile without the need for resources or time-consuming, costly dental treatments. You’ll also experience improved chewing ability and an extended lifespan of your implants! 


How to Increase The Lifespan of Your Implants?

The significance of dental hygiene is indisputable. Brushing and flossing your teeth on a daily basis will eliminate plaque, bacteria, and germs from the mouth to ensure long-term dental well-being. Moreover, it’s just as important to stay up on dental examinations. These visits are fundamental for the early discovery of issues, such as implant failure or gum disease in their earliest stages. The earlier a problem is identified and managed, the better! So maintaining your dental health by brushing, flossing, and attending to any issues promptly ensures your dental implants last longer. Remember to make regular dentist appointments; they will take a little bit of time but will be sure to have lasting effects on your oral hygiene. 


Factors That Cause Implant Failure



Insufficient care and maintenance

If you want your dental implants to last, it is important to ensure that they receive proper care and maintenance. Neglecting your oral hygiene or not visiting the dentist for routine checkups will greatly increase the risk of infection and staining; these are factors that can even cause implant failure if left unchecked. 


Insufficient bone

If a substantial amount of bone loss is present, this could disrupt the implant’s secure adhesion to the jawbone, which would increase its probability of failing. That’s why our dentists recommend a bone graft procedure to enhance bone density. 


Poor oral health

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is an absolute must to guarantee the success of your dental implants. Brushing and flossing cannot be ignored if you want them to last, so make sure that these important habits are a part of your daily routine! 


implanted tooth life considerations balmoralBruxism (grinding teeth)

Bruxism can be a major threat to your dental implants, as it puts excessive pressure and strain on the implant that may lead to loosening or cracking of the crown. 



The harmful effects of smoking can lead to the deterioration of gum and bone around dental implants, ultimately causing their failure. 


Undiagnosed medical conditions

To minimise the risk of dental implant failure, it is essential to be upfront about any pre-existing health conditions before undergoing surgery. 


An inexperienced surgeon

Opting for an accomplished and proficient dental surgeon is paramount to ensuring a successful implant placement. An unskilled dentist might not be able to install the artificial tooth root correctly, leading to infection or other harm that can impair its resilience in the future. 


Get Quality Tooth Implants at Balmoral Dental Centre

Are you considering dental implants? You’re in luck! Our experienced implant dentists at Balmoral Dental Centre are dedicated to helping you make the best choice for your oral health. Whether it’s a question or an appointment, we would be delighted to provide our expertise and care. Wait no longer and contact us on (07) 3113 9789 now! 



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.      





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