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Dental Implants Cost

Often patients get turned away due to a lack of bone or gum. This is not a problem for us. With 3-4 different implant systems and their own equipment set, we can often achieve results that are not possible for others (every implant system has its own advantages). 

However, with so many options, choosing is more confusing and difficult.

Whilst we need you to come in for a consultation, sometimes it’s nice just to get a  ballpark figure of dental implants cost from a webpage.

Single tooth Implant – from $3,995

For when only a single teeth needs replacement.

Single Implant (MIS)


This includes implant surgery, second stage surgery, abutments and the final dental crown.

Single Implant (AstraTech OR Straumann)

Extra $1,000 for a premium implant system.
($4,995 total)

Highly Esthetic / Layered Porcelain Crown

Extra $500 for a hand crafted, Layered porcelain crown.

See what is involved and the difference between implant crown manufacturing.

Implant Bridge $9,000*

For when multiple teeth are being replaced next to each other.
*Includes Implant surgery for two implants, second stage, all standard abutments and components + 1 pontic – (the tooth hanging in the middle).

Extra Pontic - within biological allowances


Cost of Every additional tooth on the bridge

Premium Implant system (AstraTech OR Straumann)

Extra $1,000 for a premium implant system (additional cost is per implant)

Highly Esthetic / Layered Porcelain Crown

Extra $500 for a hand crafted, Layered porcelain crown.

See what is involved and the difference between implant crown manufacturing.

Overdentures – Implant Retained Dentures

When you no longer have any teeth remaining, or when it’s no longer feasible to keep them.
Great solution at an affordable price – ability to upgrade later – easy to clean under and maintain.

Over denture with 2 implants


Includes Implant surgery, second stage surgery, all component/abutment costs and final Implant denture.

MIS components

Over denture with 4 implants


Includes Implant surgery, second stage surgery, all component/abutment costs and final Implant denture.

MIS components

Titanium Bar

Extra $3000 for titanium Bar

Only required in certain circumstances where inadequate implant distrubution due to bone is an issue.

Full Arch Fixed Implant Bridge (Ceramic)

When you no longer have any teeth remaining, or when it’s no longer feasible to keep them, and you want your replacement to be natural and indistinguishable from your own.

Prices here only include the procedures involved for the implant.

Please also keep in mind that the prices do not include your regular check-up, cleans, fillings or other dental work.

It is a REQUIREMENT that patients are dental fit (i.e. no presence of decay, abscesses, or gum disease) before starting implant treatment.

Common prices/procedures which are included in tandem with the treatment (but not included in the dental implants prices here):


  • extractions $200-400 per tooth pending complexity
  • grafting $475-$1000 per tooth/site
  • provisional dentures or provisional bridges $400-$1500
  • your regular cleans or periodontal debridement if required -$2000 for regular cleans
  • fillings on your teeth, permanent or otherwise: $150-$350

So, that was confusing; how much does getting an implant ACTUALLY cost me?

This is a question many people ask, but no one seems to be able to give a straightforward answer. The reason is that everyone has very specific needs and treatment plans, so it’s not that simple to say exactly what dental implants cost.

How much is the consultation?


No tricks or funny business. It would only cost you your time. Our Surgeon, Dr Bok, will see you for an assessment, take any x-rays required (including a CBVT), and explain your treatment to you.

The only catch – if you would even call it a catch – is that we are very strict on the cancellation and rescheduling policy.

Dr Bok’s books are quite full, and she spends an entire 60 minutes for her consultation. Generally, dentists and specialists must bill $300 – 400 per hour. We believe that getting good quality advice shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, so no time wasters or else you’ll be billed a no-show or cancellation fee (even though the consultation was meant to be free).

The free consultation is no longer valid again if you fail to show up or reschedule your appointment within 3 days of the appointment (it’s not easy to move things around when there are multiple components and surgeries to prepare for).

Can I get more information?

Please get in touch with our clinic due to the complexities and options available if you would like more information about Full mouth implant rehabilitation.

Looking at our implant information page, what needs to be realised, is that the dental implant by itself is only the titanium screw in the jaw. This does not include the abutment or the crown on top.

Implant Description (1)

Depending on your personal needs, there could be different abutments that we put onto the implants and different crowns we put onto the abutment. Any of these factors will affect the cost of dental implants for patients.

The best way to be sure is to book a consultation, where we complete your treatment plan with our own 3D cone beam machine.

Balmoral Dental 0112

What if I know what I need?

Below are some figures we can give you regarding the relative cost of dental implants at our practice so that you can mix and match if you know your stuff!

Remember that these costs are rough estimates, and sometimes there are small changes due to the health fund schedules etc.

Some Rough Figures

Cost of the surgery to place an Astra Tech EV 2.0 Implant : ~ $2,000
Cost of the surgery to uncover the implant (Called second stage surgery) : ~ $300
Cost of an implant abutment to accept a single crown: ~ $500
Cost of a standard implant crown: ~ $1,200
Cost of a “pontic” or a hanging tooth – the floating tooth on a tooth bridge: ~ $1000
Cost of a highly esthetic premium crown (usually reserved for the front teeth for highly aesthetic cases): $1,700
Cost of bone grafting surgery after a tooth is removed: ~ $475
Cost of gum grafting surgery after a tooth is removed (normally only necessary for high aesthetic cases in the front of the mouth): ~$650
Cost of bone augmentation/bone grafting: $1,000
Cost of gum augmentation/gum grafting: $1,000
Cost of sinus lift (Trans-alveolar technique, generally completed at the same time as implant placement surgery): ~ $600
Cost of sinus lift (Lateral approach): $2,000
Cost of a temporary denture (not always necessary): ~ $600-900
Cost of a temporary tooth as part of a clear retainer: ~ $150

The costs above assume we are using our premium dental materials from Geistlich and Dentsply Astra Tech. If you have a different implant system, we can often do things cheaper!

Single Implant and Crown

Costs and Appointments

At Balmoral Dental Centre, with the economics of scale and integration of our workflow, we can provide Astra implants with genuine Astra abutments and parts at an extremely affordable price. When you complete the implant from start to finish, we can give you a bundle that is a lot less than the sum of all the appointments.

Suppose you start from a site ready for dental implants (before the implant is placed and restored without requiring tooth extraction, gum, bone or sinus grafting). In that case, the entire implant placement procedure for a single implant is carried out at our clinic for $3995. This price is BEFORE any health fund rebates.

Please note that the timeframe below is a general guide, and a personalised treatment plan will be drafted after your consultation.

Item Codes Applicable

These item codes are claimed through your health fund, and although the actual costs can vary from health fund to health fund, keep in mind that the total cost of treatment ($3995) will not change.


Visit 1 – Consultation

Procedure Usual Costs You pay
014 – Consultation $40-$70 $0
026 – Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography $150 – $200 $0*
022 – Intraoral PA (if required) $40-$55 $0*
Total $230 – $325 $0

*We charge a 200 dollar fee if you wish to take these records with you to prevent us from being exploited as a free Cone Beam facility. Most Radiology clinics charge $150 for a cone-beam AFTER medicare

Visit 2 – Implant Placement

Keep in mind that the mouth needs to be free from dental decay, gum disease and other issues before we proceed with the actual placement of a dental implant.

Procedure Usual Costs You pay
684 – Insertion of first stage of two-stage endosseous implant $2000-$2500 ~$1900
022 – Intraoral PA (after insertion of guide pin) $40-$55 ~$40
022 – Intralral PA (after placement of implant) $40-$55 ~$40
Total $2080 – $2610 ~2000

Visit 3 – Suture removal

This normally happens 5 – 10 days after your surgery at our clinic.

Visit 4 – 1-Month Review

We check on your implants while they heal with an x-ray to ensure that everything is going smoothly.

Procedure Usual Costs You Pay
013 – Limited Exam $40 – $60 $0
022 – Intraoral PA (1- Month Review of implant) $40 – $60 $0
Total $80 – $120 $0

Visit 5 – 2-Month Review

If everything is going smoothly at the 2-Month mark, this will be the last review. If we have concerns, we may see you again in one month’s time.

Procedure Usual Costs You Pay
013 – Limited Exam $40 – $60 $0
022 – Intraoral PA (1- Month Review of implant) $40 – $60 $0
Total $80 – $120 $0

Visit 6 – 2nd Stage Surgery

This usually occurs after three months of healing. However, the healing period may be as much as six months in some cases. This will be discussed at the consultation and can change during the course of the treatment, depending on your healing and recovery.

Procedure Usual Costs You Pay
691 – Second Stage Surgery $250-500 ~$260
022 – Intraoral PA $40 – $60 ~$40
Total $80 – $120 ~$300

Visit 7 – 9 – Impressions, secondary impressions, shade matching and finally, crown insert

These appointments span 2-4 weeks and can vary greatly pending on personal needs

Procedure Usual Costs You Pay
661 – Fitting of implant-abutment $600 – $800 ~$550
671 – Full crown attached to osseointegrated implant – non-metallic $1500 – 2000 ~$1100
022 – Intraoral PA $40 – $60 $40 – $60
Total $2140 – 2860 ~$1700*

*Price written here is for a standard full-contour zirconia crown; extra options are available for highly aesthetic crowns at an additional cost.

The total price of an implant bundle at our clinic, including the consultation, implant surgery and crown, is $3995, and the costs are due over a period of 4 months at each appointment.


Are you considering dental implants?

Why not schedule a free dental implant consultation with the experienced dental team at Balmoral Dental Centre in Bulimba. If you are a suitable candidate for implants, we will provide you with a tailored treatment plan, and a no-obligation quote for your dental implants cost at our Brisbane clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are a significant investment. Having read our guide to dental implants and Brisbane prices, it’s only natural that you want to know how long a dental implant lasts. While the titanium implant post can last your lifetime, the prosthetic replacement teeth, whether they are dental crowns, a bridge, or dentures, will likely need replacing around the 15-year mark.

Ultimately, how long your dental implants will last depends on how well you care for them. Dental implants mimic natural teeth, and as such, they need to be cared for in the same way. This involves maintaining good oral hygiene for life, including daily brushing and flossing and regular dental check-ups and cleaning – and if you’re a smoker, give up the habit if you possibly can. Gum disease is the number one reason implants fail, and smoking affects the healing process.

What affects dental implant cost?

Several factors influence what you can expect to pay for a dental implant. These include the experience of your dentist, the number of implants you need, and the location of your chosen dental implant clinic.

Experience of your dentist – Dental implants require expertise and skill since they are a complex procedure that involves oral surgery. When choosing an implant dentist, don’t be afraid to ask about their experience, including how many implants they have placed and how regularly they place implants at their clinic. The more highly qualified your dentist and the more experience they have, the higher the cost of dental implants is likely to be since, naturally, they want to recoup their training costs.

The number of implants needed – A single implant will cost less than multiple implants. However, it’s worth knowing that implants don’t replace missing teeth on a one-by-one basis. Instead, dentists can replace consecutive missing teeth with a dental bridge secured into the jawbone with a dental implant at each end. Alternatively, if you are missing an entire arch of teeth, as few as four to six implants can secure a custom denture.

Location, location, location – It stands to reason that the dental implant cost is likely higher if your dentist’s clinic is located in the City centre. The rental and utilities are higher, and staff wages cost more, so these prices are passed on to patients. On the contrary, if you choose a dentist based in one of the suburbs, then the costs of implants are considerably cheaper because the outgoings are lower. This is no reflection on the quality of dental work but simply due to location.

Another factor affecting the cost of dental implants is materials. Here at Balmoral Dental Centre, we offer three dental implants (although we work with all brands if a patient has already completed the earlier stages of treatment). MIS is our budget brand. Although they are high-quality implants, our dentists consider them middle-tier. Astra Tech is our premium brand, and the best implants money can buy (in our opinion). And finally, Straumann is our second premium brand, chosen for its innovations.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.