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Fill in the Gaps of Your Smile with Partial Dentures

A Removable Solution for Partial Tooth Loss

Missing teeth always pose a problem to your overall oral health and self-esteem as they limit your ability to eat foods, cause a change in your appearance as the jaw bone deteriorates, and give you a flawed, incomplete smile.

Typically, individual missing teeth can be replaced with a bridge or a dental implant, but when a patient is missing multiple teeth in different areas of the mouth, yet still has healthy teeth remaining, a compromise must be found.

This is where partial dentures shine, as they fill in the gaps of missing teeth, while blending in seamlessly with existing teeth. With a partial denture, patients are able to appear as if they have a full set of teeth, and even improve their ability to perform everyday functions like eating and speaking with minimal hindrance.


Benefits of Partial Dentures

  • Fill in the gaps of the smile ++
  • Removable for proper cleaning of teeth and denture +
  • Stronger bite when eating +
  • Prevents teeth from shifting into the empty gaps +
  • Improved clarity of speech +
  • Cheap and affordable +
  • Puts strain on remaining teeth —
  • Does not stress the bone underneath missing teeth eventually resulting in loss of jawbone —

Your Dental Prosthetist Dr. Paul Abbott

Aussie made and Aussie grown and Aussie Trained, our Dental Prosthetist Paul will be looking after you.

With more than 10 years experience in dental, and graduating from Griffith University Paul is a Registered Dental Prosthetist.

By dealing with him directly, you cut the middle guy out (us, the dentists).

As you are seeing Dr. Abbott directly, he can see you in person and give you the care you deserve.

Dr. Paul Abbott (Prosthetist)

Dr. Paul Abbott (Prosthetist)

Why It’s Better to Not Remove Healthy Teeth

We commonly hear from patients that have extensive tooth loss that they are open to having their few remaining healthy teeth extracted in order to get full dentures. But the truth is, there is no better substitution for natural healthy teeth and our doctors will do whatever is necessary to keep your natural teeth in place and prevent them from failing.

This is because natural teeth are already established into the jaw bone and the tooth root stimulates the jaw to encourage bone growth. Without a tooth root or substitute root, like a dental implant, jaw bone can begin to deteriorate and cause an altered or sunken-in facial appearance.


This is where partial dentures come in

By keeping healthy teeth in your mouth, you will then need a tooth replacement solution that can work around these natural teeth. Partial dentures do just that. They are designed to fit comfortably around natural teeth and fill in the empty gaps with artificial teeth.

Our experienced Dental Prosthetist, Dr. Paul Abbot, can craft personalized partial dentures that fill in the empty spaces of your mouth and allow you to keep healthy teeth in place. As you are seeing the professional responsible for actually producing your dentures, you can be assured that your new dentures will look absolutely amazing.

With your new customized partial denture, you’ll be able to use your mouth like normal, almost as if you were not missing any teeth to begin with!

The Process for Partial Dentures

Virtually all dental procedures require a comprehensive hygiene phase. This initial phase introduces you to Mr. Dennis Han, our oral health therapist, who will evaluate the health of your mouth. If you are suffering from any disease or severe bone loss, we may need to perform preliminary treatment before beginning with your dentures.

Dennis Han


After you qualify for partial dentures, Dr. Abbott will use his specialty experience to discuss with you your needs, and the best prosthesis to suit your needs.

He will then personally fabricate your partial denture after also personally taking the impressions and records. When Paul’s the one to take the records – knowing exactly what is required, the impressions are always highly accurate and precise.

By measuring different aspects of your face and remaining teeth, he will come up with a plan to create dentures that look almost identical to your natural teeth!

Once your partial denture is fully created, we will have a fitting phase where we can help you try it on and make sure it is comfortable and fits properly. If any alterations need to be made, they will be done here until you are satisfied with your tooth replacement solution.

Chrome or Acylic: What is Best for You?

At Balmoral Dental Centre, we create your partial dentures out many different materials; acrylic, chrome or valplast. They all restore function to the mouth, but during a consultation with our team, we can help you decide which material is best to suit your specific needs.

Acrylic Partial Denture

One of the most common options are acrylic dentures. This is an affordable material that can create lifelike replacement teeth. However, the acrylic material is often found to be weaker than chrome, leading to more repairs over the years. Since the material is weaker, we often need to create dentures that are thicker as well. This sometimes makes it more difficult for patients to speak clearly as there is more material within their mouth.

A special type of acrylic is called Valplast, this material is flexible, and offers a thin, and flexible denture.

Chrome Partial Denture

Chrome partial dentures are made with chrome cobalt framework. This allows them to be created with more strength and durability, as well as with a thinner framework.

Chrome dentures often last for many more years than acrylic dentures thanks to their metal frame that prevents damage or misalignment from easily occurring.

Since the material is so strong, we are able to make the chrome dentures thinner. This results in a more comfortable and precise fit within the mouth as well as an enhanced ability to speak clearly and with less difficulty.

chrome partial denture


Ready to Get Started with a New Smile?

Schedule a consultation to discuss your partial denture needs by calling Balmoral Dental Centre at (07) 3113 9789 today!

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