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Understand Your Denture Options

Tooth Replacement Solutions to Match Your Need

When it comes time to replace missing teeth, one of the most common solutions is a denture. Tooth replacement and denture devices have been traced back all the way to 2500 B.C. when ancient people fastened animal teeth to the empty sockets of their mouth with wire. Luckily, modern dentures have come a long way since these initial solutions, and we at Balmoral Dental Centre are excited to offer you a variety of denture styles to match your specific needs. Our dentures replace your missing teeth with lifelike prosthetic teeth and enhance your ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

Why Patients Choose Dentures

  • An affordable solution to tooth loss
  • Restores function and aesthetics to the mouth
  • Improves ability to eat food
  • Enhances self confidence

Our Styles of Dentures

Depending on your specific needs, at Balmoral Dental Centre, we offer a range of denture options that can offer solutions for missing teeth. Dentures can be used for those missing anywhere from a few teeth to patients who experience complete tooth loss. For those interested in a time-tested and affordable solution to tooth loss, our denture options may be right for you.

Partial Dentures

    • Partial dentures are a unique form of tooth replacement that does not require complete tooth loss.
    • Thanks to their unique design, partial dentures simply replace the ares of the mouth where you are missing teeth, and allow you to keep your natural teeth.
    • Partial dentures are worn in the mouth like a traditional denture, but only fill in the missing gaps, and are easily removable for cleaning and sleeping.
    • Can be made out of Valplast, Chrome and/or Acrylic

    partial denture

    Chrome partial denture replacing lower molars

    Full Dentures

    • When most people think of dentures, this is what they imagine.
    • These dentures are made of either high-quality acrylic material or an acrylic with chrome cobalt metal framework.
    • When worn in the mouth, they are held in place through suction or an adhesive, and provide an effective full mouth tooth replacement solution.
    • Traditional dentures are used to replace an entire arch of missing teeth, and can be removed when you need to clean your mouth or dentures, sleep, or just take a break from wearing them.

    full acrylic dentures

    Upper and lower set of acrylic denture

    Implant Supported Dentures

    • These are the ultimate in denture restoration.
    • Implant supported dentures utilize a combination of modern dentures with advanced dental implants to provide enhanced comfort, security, and bite strength to the mouth.
    • By placing just two to four implants into your jaw (4 is always required for the upper denture), we will be able to firmly secure a denture that will not slip or fall out, rest comfortably in your mouth, and allow you to feel more confident in everyday life and activities.Visit www.nsbrisbanedentalimplants.com.au

    Picking the Right Option for You

    Deciding on the right type of denture can be a tough decision to make alone. That is why at Balmoral Dental Centre, our team of doctors and dental professionals will help you every step of the way.

    We offer a comprehensive, hands-on approach that ensures your new smile is both comfortable for you to wear and meets your overall smile and life goals. With an experienced team behind your care, you’ll understand your denture options and be able to make an informed decision.

    Discover What Denture is Best for You!

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    In-House Dental Prosthetist

    It’s been years since Bulimba had its own denture clinic. We are proud to present to you, Dr. Paul Abbott (Prosthetist). Paul brings with him a wealth of experience and more than 10 years experience in the industry. As a registered dental prosthetist Paul can see you directly, and ensure that the denture is custom made, and comfortable.

    Deal directly with the professional responsible for your dentures. Paul will see you personally, and not using a photograph taken by your dentist, or moulds taken (and often inaccurately).

    Contact us now to book a consultation

    Dentist support available 7 days a week

    Different to a dedicated denture clinic, at Balmoral Dental Centre, should you need your general oral health checked or fillings replaced. What ever your concerns we are your one stop shop, staffed 7 days a week – we are always here to help. No need to bounce around between your denture clinic and your dentist.

    Dr. Paul Abbott (Prosthetist)

    Dr. Paul Abbott (Prosthetist)

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