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Comprehensive Exam and Clean

No Gap
*or $200 if you are not with a health fund,
Offer only valid for first time patients

Comprehensive Exam and Clean

No Gap
*or $200 if you are not with a health fund,
Offer only valid for first time patients

White Fillings

At Balmoral Dental Centre, we are proud to use tooth coloured fillings, gone are the days where amalgam (black/metalic) fillings are required. These fillings are glued to your enamel, meaning no undercuts and preservation of maximum amounts of your natural teeth.

With the advancements of all differing kinds of composite resins, some containing up to 70% or more fillers by weight, others offers a great polish. This means whether you need a filling for the front or for the back teeth, there is a composite resin suited for the job.

Should I replace my existing amalgam fillings?

If you’ve had fillings completed in the past, chances are you have some in your mouth.

These fillings are very durable, and last extremely long, they do have their drawbacks, such as hastening the cracking of teeth, the need to often remove healthy tooth structure to provide retention form, and of course, the low grade release of mercury vapors. For these reasons most dentists no longer place amalgam fillings.

If you have them already, from a purely dental point of view, its best to leave them as is.

However if you have concerns regarding the mercury content entering your body, then it is possible to have them replaced.

To book in for your consultation regarding the replacement of your amalgam fillings, call us on (07) 3113 9789 to book an appointment. 

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