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Dental Implants near Wooloowin

At Balmoral Dental Centre, we have made it our mission to provide comprehensive dental health care for the people of Wooloowin, North Brisbane. Our team is dedicated to helping our patients achieve their optimal oral wellness with up-to-date knowledge of technological advancements and material breakthroughs through constant learning.

Are you considering dental implants? Our experienced dentists offer quality dental implant services that are tailored to our patient’s individual needs. Using the latest technologies, they can provide you with a beautiful, long-lasting solution to replace one or multiple missing teeth.


What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a permanent and viable solution to restore a patient’s good oral health and smile. They provide an alternative to removable dentures, allowing the patient to eat and speak normally.

What process is involved with dental implant treatment?

Dental implant consultations

During the consultation, you and our dentist will discuss factors such as tooth replacement goals, risks, process, and how many teeth need to be replaced.

Assessment of jawbone structure

After an initial assessment of your jawbone structure and facial anatomy, our dentist can determine if dental implants are suitable for you. If so, they will create a unique treatment plan based on your individual needs.

Preparation of oral surgery site

Before implant surgery begins, the site where the implants will be inserted must be prepared, and any infected or decayed teeth must be removed to ensure the implants are placed in healthy tissue.

Placement of dental implants

The titanium posts that make up the dental implant are carefully inserted into the jawbone during oral surgery.

Check-up visits post-surgery

Our dentist may schedule several check-up visits following surgery in order to monitor progress and ensure the implants remain properly positioned.

Replacement teeth attached to implants

During a separate appointment, once healing has occurred, artificial teeth (e.g., bridges or dentures) can be securely attached to the implants and customised to match existing teeth in terms of colour and shape.

If you’re searching for a missing tooth replacement solution, why consider dental implants over other choices?

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Dental implants can be a great option to replace missing teeth. Below are some of the benefits of choosing dental implants over traditional methods:

  • Improved aesthetics – Dental implants look and feel just like your own natural teeth, giving you back your healthy, beautiful smile.
  • Increased stability – Dental implants provide an incredibly stable foundation for any replacement teeth, with no risk of slipping or shifting as with other options.
  • Durable construction – Implants are made from titanium and ceramic to provide long-lasting durability and strength, making them a great investment in your oral health.
  • Easier oral hygiene maintenance – With dental implants, you can brush and floss like normal, as they do not require special cleaning methods or tools like dentures do.
  • Comfort and convenience – You will enjoy improved comfort as you won’t have to worry about any irritation that traditional methods may cause due to slipping or rubbing against the gums or jawbone structures.

There is no doubt that implants are one of the finest options when it comes to replacing missing teeth!

Enjoy a beautiful, confident smile with dental implants from Balmoral Dental Centre!

At Balmoral Dental Centre, we offer quality dental implant treatment to help you regain your healthy smile. Our experienced dentists are committed to providing you with the highest standards of care and can provide you with a tailored treatment plan that meets your individual needs. Contact us today at (07) 3113 9789 for a consultation, and let our skilled dentists provide you with the oral care you need!
Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to properly maintain your dental implants and keep them healthy?

1. Brush and floss regularly

 Just like your natural teeth, dental implants need to be brushed and flossed twice a day to remove plaque and bacteria. Please remember to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and gentle flossing motions to avoid damaging your implants.


2. Use an alcohol-free mouthwash

 Alcohol-based mouthwashes can irritate your gums, so it’s best to avoid them if you have dental implants. Instead, opt for an alcohol-free mouthwash that will gently cleanse your mouth without causing any irritation.


3. See our dentist regularly

It’s important to see our dentist every six months for a cleaning and check-up, even if you don’t think anything is wrong. Our dentist will be able to spot any potential problems early on and take steps to prevent them from getting worse.


4. Be careful with what you eat

 Stay away from hard, crunchy, or sticky foods that could damage your implants or get caught in between the teeth. Chewing on ice or using your teeth as tools (e.g., opening bottles) should also be avoided. If you do eat something hard or sticky, be sure to brush and floss thoroughly afterwards.


5. Quit smoking

 Smoking is bad for your overall health, but it’s especially harmful to dental implants. Smoking can cause implant failure and increase your risk of developing gum disease. If you smoke, now is the time to quit!


6. Practise good oral hygiene habits

 In addition to brushing and flossing regularly, there are other things you can do to keep your mouth healthy, such as drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet. By taking care of yourself, you’ll also be taking care of your dental implants.

With so many factors playing a role, what exactly influences the expense of dental implants?
The price of dental implants will depend on several factors. These include the type of implant used, whether or not bone grafting is required, and how many teeth need to be replaced. It is also important to note that dental implants require a great deal of precision and skill from a trained dentist. As such, it is important to choose an experienced professional who can provide quality work.
Are dental implants worth the cost?
In most cases, the answer is yes. While dental implants are more expensive than other tooth replacement options like dentures or bridges, they also offer more benefits. For example, with proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last for decades—far longer than any other tooth replacement option. Additionally, because they are securely attached to your jawbone (unlike dentures which rely on suction), they offer greater stability when speaking or eating.
Is it safe to receive a dental implant?
Dental implants have become a popular treatment option in recent years due to their long-term success rates and ability to provide a natural-looking, functioning replacement for missing teeth. Thankfully, dental implants are very safe as long as they are performed and maintained by a qualified dental professional. They have been thoroughly studied, so you can rest assured that all safety requirements have been met. In fact, the vast majority of patients who receive implants report no postoperative complications or problems with their prosthetic teeth. So, if you’re considering getting dental implants, be sure to talk to our dentist first to learn more about the procedure and different implant options available.