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Feel Confident Smiling Again with Full Dentures

The Time-Tested Solution to Tooth Loss

Living with tooth loss can be a real challenge for many people as it affects their every day life. Most patients who experience extensive tooth loss suffer from lower self-esteem, are unable to eat their favorite foods, notice a change in their speech, and even see their facial shape alter over time as jaw bone deteriorates. As troubling as these problems may be, Balmoral Dental Centre can restore your confidence and ability to navigate every day life with ease through traditional removable full dentures.

Balmoral Dental Centre offers modern dentures that are designed specifically to your mouth and improve on many of the problems typically associated with the dentures from years ago. Our modern dentures, made in Brisbane are proven to be more comfortable to wear, are much stronger and don’t chip or crack easily. With our experienced team working side-by-side with you, you can expect your dentures to look and feel as if you have natural, healthy teeth! With a custom made denture, our patients are able to enjoy life again as if they were never missing teeth to begin with!

Why Patients Choose Dentures to Replace Missing Teeth

  • Replace multiple or all your missing teeth
  • Allows you to eat a wider variety of food
  • Improves speech*
  • Enhances self-confidence in your smile
  • Extremely affordable and cost effective (compared to other solutions such as dental implants)

Beginning your Journey

Your denture journey will always begin with an in-depth consultation of your smile goals and evaluation of your oral health from our clinicians in Bulimba. We will evaluate the current state of your mouth and identify any areas of weakness, such as bone loss or disease that needs to be addressed prior to beginning the denture process. Even if there are no teeth remaining, a regular oral mucosal screening to check for things like oral cancer is absolutely crucial for your general well being.

Once you qualify for dentures, our dental prosthetist Dr. Paul Abbott will be look after you for your brand new dentures.

Dr. Paul Abbott (Prosthetist)

Dr. Paul Abbott (Prosthetist)

Get treatment directly – Dentures made Boutique

Balmoral Dental Centre is able to customize your denture specifically to your mouth thanks to our Dental Prosthetist  who works in-house with us. Dr. Paul Abbott is a registered Dental Prosthetist, a who specializes in the construction of dental prosthesis so that they look and function perfectly within your mouth.

He is able to see and treat you directly. Whist normally the dentist you see takes your impressions and photos,  and then passes it onto a technician, who then works on your denture indirectly, off photos or models, instead of seeing you in person.

Denture Materials Suited to Your Specific Needs

At Balmoral Dental Centre, we create your dentures out of two time-tested and effective materials; acrylic or chrome. Both options restore function to the mouth, but during a consultation with our team, we can help you decide which material is best to suit your specific needs.

Acrylic Dentures

full acrylic denture

One of the most common options are acrylic dentures. These are an affordable material that can create lifelike replacement teeth. However, the acrylic material is often found to be weaker than chrome, leading to more repairs and relines over the years. Since the material is weaker, we often need to create dentures that are thicker as well. This sometimes makes it more difficult for patients to speak clearly as there is more material within their mouth.

In a nutshell acrylic dentures are:

  • Cheaper ++
  • Weaker –
  • Thicker –

Chrome Dentures

full chrome denture

Chrome dentures are made with chrome cobalt framework. This allows them to be created with more strength and durability, as well as with a thinner framework. Chrome dentures often last for many more years than acrylic dentures thanks to their metal frame that prevents damage whilst providing structural rigidity. Since the material is so strong, we are able to make the chrome dentures thinner. This results in a more comfortable and precise fit within the mouth as well as an enhanced ability to speak clearly and with less difficulty.

In a nutshell chrome dentures are:

  • More expensive —
  • Stronger +
  • Thinner +


Wearing Your New Dentures

Traditional dentures are simple to wear. Simply slip the denture prosthesis into your mouth and around your gums. Once one or both dentures are in place, biting down gently to create proper suction will help hold them in place. Some patients find that using adhesives or pastes to hold dentures in their mouth works for them. With dentures in place, you can use your mouth like normal, but you will likely need to get comfortably with the new material in your mouth. It may take a few days for your tongue to get used to the material, but most patients find speaking, eating, and smiling to become easy again for them.

Removing the dentures is just as simple as putting them in your mouth, and most traditional dentures can be removed with just a little force. We recommend you remove your dentures every night before going to bed and brushing them carefully, just as you would natural teeth. Taking care of your gum health is important too and you should brush your gums thoroughly and gently.

Denture Relines

For those who have been wearing denture long-term, they may find that their old denture no longer fits comfortably in their mouth. This is often due to bone deterioration in the jaw and a changing facial shape. For most people with complete tooth loss, this is a normal occurrence as tooth roots of dental implants stimulate the bone to maintain bone volume. Good, physiological stresses within the bone, the bone begins to slowly deteriorate from lack of use. This causes the bone to become thinner, uneven, or misaligned in areas of the jaw and can lead to additional denture slipping or uncomfortable pinching.

In a nutshell dentures are:

  • Cost effective +++
  • give lip retention to make the face look fuller +
  • Great for the short/medium term (few months to 10-20 years) +
  • Are NOT a lifetime solution —
  • Do not stress the bone to retain bone volume –
  • Requires regular (every few years) relines, to add more material (such as acrylic) to make up for the lost tissue volume.

With denture Relines, our team is able to reshape the denture to better fit your mouth even as the bone and jaw line changes. We can adjust the denture to make it fit more comfortably on your gums and ease discomfort you may be experiencing. For some patients, this may need to be performed several times over their lifetime of wearing dentures. Reach us for dental implants in Brisbane.

To reduce costs, there is no need to see a dentist, for your regular denture maintenance concerns, book in with Dr. Paul Abbott directly.

Investing in a Long-Term Solution with Implants

Traditional dentures are a time-tested solution to tooth loss, but they do not offer the long-term security that dental implants provide. Balmoral Dental Centre also offers patients seeking tooth replacement the option of choosing implants, which are considered the gold standard of tooth replacement because they mimic both form and function of a natural tooth and tooth root.

We can provide you with both full mouth dental implants or implant supported dentures to give you a more permanent, secure, and comfortable tooth replacement solution. With our implants provided by Dr. Sae Mi Bok, you can expect to have a complete and healthy smile for years to come!

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