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Say Goodbye to Chalky White Spots: The Quick & Easy Solution using DMG Icon Filtration

Check out the video below to see how it works!

New, non-invasive way to treat white spot lesions on your teeth, one of the few clinics offering this in Brisbane.

How does infiltration resin work?

Teeth starts to turn chalky white when there are microscopic holes forming in the enamel. This can be caused from orthodontic treatment, early caries, or be there when the tooth formed.

For this procedure, we first etch the teeth with acid for 2-3 minutes at a time, which opens micro-channels down to the areas where there are defects.

This is repeated several times until we can reach all the “micro cavities” within the enamel.

When we are confident we have gotten to them all, we apply the ultra-flowable infiltration resin, which flow down the micro-channels and fill the defects. The end result is a very aesthetic appearance, without a need to ever touch the drill.

Check out this Video

Infiltration Resin

The drilling free filling is here!

At Balmoral Dental Centre, we are proud to offer you infiltration resin fillings to improve your smile. This type of filling is used to treat white-spot lesions, dental flurosis and early decay up to the first third of the dentine. This new technique is minimally invasive, ensuring we maintain a conservative approach to improve aesthetics. Before now, our only choices were invasive methods which requires such as fillings or veneers, which require permanently drilling away large amount tooth, or micro-abrasion techniques, which also strip away enamel. We believe that this is the very best treatment option for removing white spot lesions. 

"White spots are a major issue for my post-orthodontic patients. Icon enables me to remove them in one simple and painless treatment. It's a "wow!" moment for the patient and a significant source of growth for my practice."

Dr. Timothy Hess, DDS (Dentist in America)

Icon represents an entirely new, revolutionary approach to treatment of incipient caries-a caries infiltrant. This breakthrough micro-invasive technology fills and reinforces demineralized enamel without drilling or anesthesia. Icon can arrest the progress of early enamel lesions up to the first third of the dentin in one simple procedure.

ADA (American Dental Association) 2020

After Upper centrals treatedAfter Upper centrals treated

Upper centrals treated

After No whitening performedAfter No whitening performed
DMG Icon afterDMG Icon after

Upper centrals treated

Benefits of infiltration resin

Minimally invasive. Using infiltration resin allows you to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible. There is no need to drill, and compared to fillings, veneers, or enamel microabrasion, the tooth structure lost is negligible.

Good aesthetics. Enamel lesions lose their whitish appearance when their microporosities are filled with the resin and look similar to sound enamel. 

No anaesthesia required. Another widely appreciated attribute of infiltration resin is that the treatment is painless and has little need for anaesthesia. Following an infiltration resin procedure, patients no recovery time, you can immediately return to your normal routines. To make the procedure even safer and less invasive, the dentist would place a rubber dam around the gums to act as a protective layer from the acid. 

Alternative to micro-abrasion. Micro-abrasion is a procedure also used to treat flurosis/white spot lesions, but ICON infiltration resin is less invasive and often can achieve a better result. 

Saves money. Based on aforementioned attributes of the technique being less invasive for your natural teeth and not requiring anaesthetics, patients benefit from paying less for dental expenses both in the immediate and long-term.
Veneers can cost up to $1,500 per tooth, and generally has a lifespan of about 15-20 years before needing replacement. 

Is infiltration resin for me?

If you have white spot lesions left behind from orthodontic treatment, fluorosis or early caries, you are suitable for infiltration resin. These look like white patches (teeth white spots):

Book in for a check up and clean, OR a consultation to see if this is for you. Balmoral Dental Centre offers you a much gentler and effective alternative to treating white patches using the latest infiltration resin technique. Contact us at (07) 3113 9789 or book a comprehensive check up and clean for more information.

Find out alternative treatments for white spot lesions here.

Break down of the DMG Icon process and its costs

    1. New patient check up and clean. Teeth must be healthy before starting the process OR a consultation. You must be dentally fit before proceeding with teeth whitening.
    2. Whitening – this could be professional in-chair whitening with Philips Zoom, or Take home whitening, either will do, maximum whiteness of teeth should be achieved to assess whether the DMG icon treatment is even required. Both can achieve the desired results, take home whitening just takes longer.
    3. Upon re-assessment – DMG icon Infiltration resin technique can be completed on the teeth required

    Check up and Clean

    $200 (or health fund only) for check up and clean

    $50 for consultation only

    Teeth must be clean of calculus and healthy before starting the whitening/bleaching process.

    Teeth Whitening (Take Home)

    2x whitening trays and whitening starter kit
    Additional refill syringe (super sized), OR if you already have whitening trays.

    Take home whitening is cheap, safe and convenient. however may take several weeks to achieve desired result.

    Zoom In-Chair Whitening

    Zoom In-Chair whitening procedure
    Take home touch up kit (whitening trays)

    Zoom Whitening protocol is a 2 hour 20 minute appointment (60 mins of actual whitening time). One of the most effective protocols for teeth whitening.

    DMG icon Treatment

    $300 for a single tooth
    $200 per tooth for 2 or more teeth treated at once.

    Treatments are painless and easy. At Balmoral Dental Centre we undergo the procedure carefully thoroughly. Treatments normally take about 60 minutes.

    Convenient and Central Location

    At Balmoral Dental Centre, we have on-site parking, 4 – dedicated patient parking slots in the busy heart of Bulimba.

    Open 7 days a week for your convenience, no extra surcharge for the weekends!

    We are within 10 minutes drive from the suburbs of, Hawthorne, Balmoral, Bulimba, Morningside, Cannon Hill, Seven Hills, East Brisbane, Kangaroo Point, Coorparoo, Camp Hill, Carina, Norman Park, Carina, Stones Corner and Carindale. It is also just one stop away Via the Ferry from Newstead, Teneriffe and New Farm!

    Icon Treatment for Back Teeth

    Icon dental treatment

    Icon treatment for teeth is not just limited to the front teeth! In fact, originally this treatment was developed to help prevent early decay from the side of the tooth. With our DiagnoCAM machine – we can find decay early on, and prevent drilling and filling!

    By detecting early decay in the E2 or D1 stage of decay, we can fix these teeth without drilling by using the same technique used for front teeth, we just need to use a special applicator to apply the icon resin infiltraiton between the teeth.

    This can be used to fix early interproximal decay!

    This technique is to be done over 2 visits. First, we see you and place a rubber o-ring separator between your teeth. This causes the teeth to be moved apart enough, so that at a second appointment, we can insert the special applicator between your teeth. The special applicator will allow us to apply the acid and infiltration resin directly to the side of just one of the teeth.

    Afterwards, viola, we’re all done, all without drilling.

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