Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants whiter and brighter teeth and why not? Compared to other cosmetic procedures, whitening teeth is inexpensive and makes a world of difference to most smiles.

Safe and effective teeth whitening

A word of warning: SAFE and effective teeth whitening requires a thorough understanding of the whitening process. An experienced and licensed practitioner is the ONLY person who can give you correct and unbiased advice.

There is much more to teeth whitening than meets the eye. If you wish to experience safe reliable teeth whitening then contact us for an assessment. We will let you know if it is likely to be effective and what alternatives there may be available to you.

How can we help you?

Everybody wants nice white teeth, and while they may start out that way the effects of age, smoking, diet and even medications can take its toll.  Here at Balmoral Dental Centre we can help you restore that youthful colour.

In order to lighten teeth, it is important to assess the source of the discolouration.  Once this is identified, we can give options for treatment.  In some cases it can be as simple as a clean and polish.

The two most common types of whitening are:

  • In chair whitening, powered by Phillips Zoom – where the treatment is done in one sitting.  At the end of the treatment your teeth are white.
  • Take home whitening – where we provide you with a kit to gradually whiten your teeth over a week or two by using a tray system nightly.

Both these are available at Balmoral Dental Centre!

If you want to brighten your smile, call our friendly staff today or if you already have an appointment, make sure you mention it then.  We can help you to maintain that confident smile!

General whitening information

In chair whitening information

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