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Dental Implants in Thailand — Consider These Few Elements

by | Apr 26, 2023 | , | Dental Implants

When searching for the most dental clinics that offer budget-friendly dental implants, Thailand is the perfect destination for a spot of ‘dental tourism.’ Here, patients can access implant-based restoration procedures at only a fraction of what it would cost here in Australia – so why not take advantage?

Unfortunately, as the popularity of dental tourism increases, so does the number of patients returning from countries, such as Thailand, with less than desirable results.

Not only are these individuals burdened by unsatisfactory treatments, but they also must pay more money to local dentists in Australia for re-corrections. Suddenly those 50% savings aren’t quite worth it anymore.

possible risks thailand implant tooth balmoral bulimba

Certainly, there are some top-notch dentists in Thailand, just as there may be a few less qualified here in Australia. The difference is that excellent dentists don’t tend to offer their services at discounted prices; dental treatments can be quite costly!

Have you found yourself googling ‘how much do full mouth dental implants cost in Thailand’ and are absolutely astounded at the potential savings? Before you pack your bags to fly overseas, there are a few critical elements that require consideration. Let’s dive into it!

Low-Cost Teeth Implants in Thailand (usually) Equals Poor Quality

As previously stated, dental implants treatment should not be considered an inexpensive option due to the complexity of dental implant procedure and their lasting results. Numerous factors contribute to their costliness – primarily:

  • Precision-crafted titanium implants are not only of the highest quality but also require an investment of resources to create.

  • Utilising the most advanced technology, equipment, and techniques available, they will ensure that each patient receives optimal comfort and care.

  • Extensive training and a wealth of experience make this dentist the perfect choice to perform your treatment.

Consequently, it’s simple to grasp why a particular dentist might offer low-cost teeth implants – whether you’re in Thailand or elsewhere. But be warned: there is great potential for risk!

Lack of Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

When you’re searching for a top-notch dentist in Thailand, one of the most important criteria to evaluate is their level of treatment planning.

Does your dentist take a proactive stance when it comes to dealing with your case, or do they simply partake in minor fixes? A complete dental treatment plan is essential for any procedure- from implant surgery and placement to selecting the abutment (the connector between crowns and implants).

Our dental treatments, particularly the dental implant process, often require multiple sessions over an extended period of time. Bone grafting may be needed prior to placing implants or connective tissue grafting can help reduce any tissue loss and eliminate a “long” teeth appearance.

Aesthetic treatment plans must be crafted accordingly to ensure optimum results! All of these treatments must be carefully executed to achieve the best possible aesthetic and functional results.

Insufficient Treatment Duration

Not only is this true for individuals looking to receive affordable missing teeth replacement in Thailand, but generally anywhere overseas where people go for medical treatment.

Let’s be honest – the type of people who are seeking cost-efficient procedures outside their country tend to need multiple treatments, which could otherwise be expensive if done domestically.

However, people in Australia usually only have a limited time to accomplish dental work. This could result from having already taken leave from their job or because they scheduled an outbound flight beforehand.

Ultimately, some Thai dentists pursuing inexpensive treatments could attempt to ‘pack’ them into one appointment when it may be more suitable and beneficial for the patient to take a break between procedures.

You must also consider the potential issues that could arise in the weeks or months after returning from your Thailand journey. What can be done if something goes wrong? Will there be any form of reparation available?

Patients frequently contact their local dentist in Australia for assistance, even though the dental professional may be unaware of what caused the issue or how it has escalated.

To prevent this problem, be sure to discuss terms of recourse at the time of booking. Ask if there is a period in which they guarantee your reservation; doing so may help you decide whether it’s worth getting a return flight back to see your dentist in Thailand or accepting the loss and learning from the experience.

Poor Level of Treatment Quality

After unsatisfactory treatment planning, the following issue arises is the inadequate quality of care. Both dental implants and cosmetic dentistry can be remarkably intrusive procedures. However, you might be amazed by how many individuals fail to make an informed decision when determining who will perform their treatment.

Teeth are essential for both functional and aesthetic purposes, making them a feature of our life that is consistently in use.

language barrier dentists implant thailand balmoral bulimba

When travelling abroad to receive dental care, it’s critical to consider the qualifications of your treating clinician as well as the quality and compliance standards associated with materials used, because what could be more important than having healthy teeth?

Australia is renowned for its stringent protocols and regulations regarding the use of medical products, all of which must be approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Unfortunately, many other countries are not as prudent in implementing such protective measures.

Don’t let your dental crown procedure in Thailand be when you realise that you are severely allergic to low-grade, hazardous metal alloys.

We take immense pride in partnering with esteemed laboratories that adhere to exacting compliance regulations and exclusively utilise superior quality materials and cutting-edge technologies.

If you’re contemplating dental implant treatment, it is important to ensure that the implants used are of cutting-edge technology and not obsolete models. Access to suitable materials for maintenance in the future is necessary for you to be able to handle your situation.

Additionally, some clinics abroad have been known to use outdated implants, which can pose serious risks, such as compromising sterility or lowering your chances of success with this procedure.

No Post-Treatment Follow-Up or Service

After the treatment, the patient is typically sent back to Australia without any post-treatment follow-up. Unfortunately, this can be detrimental since healing from dental implant surgery requires time and undergoing several biological changes in order for it to take place properly.

Over time, complications may arise from a treatment received abroad which makes it impossible for the patient to return overseas to their original treating clinician. Therefore, rightfully so, any dentist taking over this care must be appropriately paid for their services.

If the treatment had been completed at the new dental clinic in question, the postoperative follow-up would have likely been included as part of the dental implant costs.

Subsequent to the instalment of restorative dental treatments, such as dental implants, patients may undergo occlusal changes, which can create pain and unease; they, therefore, require a local practitioner’s expertise to alter and correct this.

Unfortunately, treatments received abroad typically come without a “warranty”, as the healthcare provider here at home cannot provide any support for ongoing care or maintenance once the patient has returned.

As such, there is simply no way to seek resolution from said overseas clinician in case something goes wrong with the treatment.

What risks should you be aware of when considering dental care from a foreign provider with questionable quality standards?

Incorrect Dental Implant Placement Leading To:

Damage to the nerve

Perforation of nerve canals, nasal floor, and the sinus. When the inferior alveolar nerve is damaged, it may cause permanent paresthesia of the lower lip, chin and tongue. This leads to numbness or loss of sensation in these areas.


Possible fractures of the jaw bone.


Peri-implantitis is a dangerous implant infection that could result in its loss.

Loosening of the implants

Loosening of the outer layer of a dental implant results in recession and gum-related issues.

Poor Quality Material Selection, Which Means:

  • There is a possibility of experiencing an allergic or toxic reaction to the metals used in dental crowns.

  • The potential breakage or fracture of crowns.

  • Unsatisfactory visual outcome.

  • Utilising uncommon and obscure unknown implant systems can cause complications for future treatments or necessitate the removal of the implant altogether.

The Language Barrier

factors consider getting implanted teeth thailand balmoral bulimba

If you’re interested in getting dental implant treatments while traveling to Thailand, it’s paramount that communication is clear and direct. Although many Thai dentists are quite proficient in English, there can still be language barriers that could lead to incorrect treatment or miscommunication of expectations between dentist and patient – so remember this detail!

When looking for an excellent dental implant dentist, it’s crucial to find one who not only listens and comprehends your needs, demands and worries but also is capable of formulating a plan based on all these factors. Regrettably, this “comprehension” can be easily misinterpreted – especially when English isn’t your first language.

Before confirming a reservation for your Thai dental implant team, it’s critical to research how widely English is spoken. Investing time and effort into this can serve as an invaluable tip!


You might face different issues when undergoing dental implants in your home country. However, if the cost savings from getting this done abroad is too good of an opportunity to pass up, ensure you conduct a thorough research first. Don’t be blinded by low prices – always prioritise quality over quantity!

On the other hand, if you feel uncertain about travelling to get dental implants in Thailand and want to avoid adding that additional pressure of going abroad, then please reach out – we are delighted to help!

At Balmoral Dental Centre, we pride ourselves on partnering with reputable laboratories that adhere to exacting compliance regulations and exclusively utilise superior quality materials and cutting-edge technologies.

With our expertise in precision-crafted titanium implants of the highest quality paired with extensive training and experience from our team of professionals – let us provide you with optimal comfort during your journey towards achieving healthy teeth.

Call us now today on (07) 3113 9789 to book a consultation.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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