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Dental implant treatments are a popular option for those looking to replace missing teeth. But what about getting them abroad?

On the surface, getting dental implant treatment in Thailand may seem like a great idea due to the relatively low cost of dental care there.

But is it a wise decision?

Before we take a closer look at why you should think twice before getting implants in Thailand, let’s learn about factors determining the cost of dental implant treatments.


Factors That Influence The Cost of Tooth Implants

Many factors contribute to the final cost of replacing missing teeth with implants.


The type of implant chosen

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A variety of dental implants exist, with different levels of complexity and quality associated with each, resulting in different prices.

Further, implants can range from a single tooth restoration to a full mouth restoration.

It stands to reason that full-mouth dental implants cost more than single implants, with associated costs increasing based on the complexity of your case and the site of implant placement.


Pre-surgical tests

Some pre-surgical tests, such as X-rays and CT scans, may need to be carried out before implant placement to evaluate any risks associated with the procedure. These tests can increase costs if extensive imaging is required.


The materials used

Different materials used for dental implants have their cost variations.

Titanium is the most widely used material for dental implants and is usually priced higher than other materials, such as zirconia or porcelain.


The location of the clinic

Dental implant prices can vary significantly depending on the location of the clinic providing the treatment due to differences in labour costs, taxes and other legal requirements across countries or states. Find further details


The dentist’s experience

Experienced dentists may charge more for dental implant treatments due to increased expertise and skills in implanting techniques, which may result in fewer complications and successful treatment outcomes for patients.


Extraction fees

If a natural tooth is damaged beyond repair, it must be extracted before it can be replaced with a dental implant.

Dentists may charge additional fees for extraction services as removing teeth is a whole different dental procedure.


Additional procedures required

If your oral health is not optimal for a dental implant surgery, our skilled dentists may opt for a thorough dental cleaning treatment before commencing the implant procedure to minimise the risk of infection.

Some additional procedures, such as jaw bone grafts or tissue grafts, may also be necessary before implanting a dental implant which would increase the overall cost of treatment due to extra visits and materials needed during surgery.


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Use of sedation during treatment

Some patients opt for sedation during their dental implant procedure, which adds additional charges due to extra time spent administering drugs and monitoring patient safety throughout treatment.

However, this option is usually best suited for those who suffer from severe dental anxiety issues or phobias that prevent them from having routine treatments without sedation help.


Follow-up care

Regular follow-up care after implantation requires additional fees because regular check-ups are needed to ensure that post-implantation healing is being monitored properly over time so that further complications can be avoided if necessary in future years.


Insurance coverage

Insurance companies often cover part or all of the costs for some types of medical treatments, including dental implants, if policyholders meet certain criteria set by insurance companies.

This could reduce overall costs significantly if coverage is available from your insurance provider.


Payment plans offered by clinics

Many clinics in Australia offer payment plans where you can pay off your balance over an extended period instead of paying all at once.

These payment plans could lower overall costs depending on the interest rates charged by companies.


Discounts offered by clinics

Some clinics in Australia have bundle offers for dental treatments, free consultation for dental implant treatment, or discounts based on individual patients’ needs.

All these could reduce total treatment costs significantly.




So Why Not Thailand?

Dental tourism is gaining popularity due to the lower cost of treatment in different countries.

However, despite the lower cost of dental implants in Thailand, there are many reasons why opting for tooth implant treatment at a Thai dental clinic may be a poor decision.


High Risk of Failure

One of the biggest risks of getting a dental implant procedure in Thailand is that it may not be successful.

This is because the standards and qualifications of dentists and other medical professionals can vary greatly from country to country and even between clinics within the same country.

In Thailand, there is no centralised body governing medical qualifications.

As such, there is no guarantee that your implant will be successful or that you will receive optimal care throughout your treatment.


Infection Risks

Another major concern regarding getting dental treatment in Thailand is infection.

Many dentists in Thailand are not certified by international organisations, which means they may not be bound to the standards of hygiene that dentists in Australia are.

The risk of infection increases if the clinic does not take proper precautions or if their sterilisation protocols are inadequate.

Poor sterilisation practices can put you at risk of infections such as sepsis, which can have serious long-term health impacts if left untreated.

Additionally, improper aftercare instructions, such as failing to provide antibiotics or medication for pain relief following surgery, can increase the risk of infection further down the line.


Lack of Follow Up Care

Follow-up care is another issue when it comes to getting dental implants in Thailand.

Reputable dental clinics in Australia will provide follow-up appointments after your procedure is complete to address any problems or complications quickly and effectively.

However, dentists in Thailand could offer “one-off” treatments with no follow-up care whatsoever, leaving you without any support should complications arise or if you require additional treatments following their initial procedure.

Without proper aftercare instructions or assistance when problems occur, you may find yourself dealing with costly issues down the line that could have been avoided had you received appropriate follow-up care from your dentist from the start.


Language Barrier

Communication is a crucial part of any medical procedure, and a big problem with dental tourism is the language barrier.

It can be difficult for you to communicate your needs and expectations effectively with native dentists or medical staff who may not speak or understand English very well. 

As a result, you may get inferior treatment due to misunderstandings or incorrect assumptions made by your practitioner.


Quality Control

Many Thai clinics are unregulated, and quality control is often lacking.

There is no assurance that you will get quality materials or services when seeking an implant procedure in Thailand, which could mean that the results might not be as good as those achieved in Australia, where stricter regulations exist.


Travel Costs

Additional expenses incurred when travelling abroad for dental implant surgery, such as airfare and accommodation costs, can actually add a significant amount to your total bill if you’re going overseas for your implant treatment.

You will likely need to arrange time off from work which could mean lost wages or vacation pay!


Legal Issues

As medical tourism is not regulated in Thailand, medical malpractice and insurance claims may not be upheld in case of a problem with the implants or treatment.

This leaves you with little to no legal recourse for any complications that may arise.


Difficulty in Obtaining Records

In case of future treatment needs at home, obtaining records from overseas clinics might be difficult if you need them for any reason, such as insurance claims or further treatments that require access to prior records.

The cost savings associated with getting dental implants in Thailand may seem appealing, but it’s important to consider all factors before deciding on the best treatment for your oral health care needs.

From potential failure rates to infection risk and lack of follow-up care, there are many reasons why you should think twice about getting dental implants in Thailand—and why opting for an experienced professional here in Australia might be the better choice for your long-term oral health needs and peace of mind!


So How Much Does A Dental Implant Procedure Cost in Thailand?

Dental implant treatment in Thailand may cost half of what it does in Australia.

This makes dental implant treatment in Thailand instead of Australia seem like a great idea.

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However, considering the potential risks listed above, are lowered dental implant costs worth it?

By travelling outside Australia for this procedure, you could be putting yourself in an incredibly vulnerable position.

Not only will you be far away from your dentist and any trusted healthcare support you may have back home, but there is also the likelihood that you may need further interventions if something goes wrong with the implant.

This could result in even higher costs and much more stress than if you had chosen to go with a registered practitioner in Australia.

When making this kind of decision, it pays to carefully weigh all factors before deciding on the best course of action – financial savings should not be the only consideration.


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Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.






Cost of Dental Implants in Thailand

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