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If you are missing a full arch of teeth, it’s probably difficult to imagine how you could replace it using just four to six dental implants. But that’s exactly how All on X dental implants work. The All on X dental implant treatment is an efficient way to restore your smile in a less invasive way than replacing each tooth individually. 

The term “all-on-X” describes a treatment modality where essentially a denture fused with titanium bar is immediately loaded onto the implants after surgery. This is a trademark to the Nobel Biocare implant system. Although at Balmoral Dental Centre, we can provide exactly the same service, as the term is a trademark, we can’t call it that.

This article is an ‘All on X dental implants before and after guide’ that will help you to understand the procedure and what to expect.


What Are Full Arch Implants? Understanding The Procedure 

All on X dental implant treatment is the replacement of a full arch with a dental prosthesis or bridge that is held in place with four to six dental implants. The dental prosthesis will hold 10 to 14 artificial teeth, and one of the biggest benefits of the procedure is that it is considerably less invasive than placing individual tooth implants.


Looking At Full Arch Implants Before And After Photos

If you take a look at an All on X dental implants before and after photo gallery, you will notice that the post-operative pictures look just like natural teeth. And, if you opt for this treatment, you’ll find that they feel and function just like natural teeth too.


Your Full Arch Implants Treatment Begins With A Consultation

It’s vital that each patient is assessed before any treatment is started.

risks all on X implants balmoral

During the consultation, your dentist will examine your mouth and teeth, take your medical history and some digital scans and perform some X-rays.

The initial consultation is an important step in planning your all-on-X treatment. Your dentist needs to consider how many implants are needed, where to place them, as well as whether any tooth extractions should be done prior to treatment.

Your dentist will need to take various measurements of your arch so that the replacement teeth are well-designed. You should also expect to have impressions taken of your bite; these are used to manufacture the components of your all-on-X treatment.


What To Expect From An Full Arch Implants Procedure

All on X dental implants are placed in three stages:


The surgical placement of the dental implants

After marketing the positions of the dental implants, your dentist will make an incision in your gum to access the bone below it. Holes are drilled into your jaw, and the dental implants are inserted and tightened.


The placement of your initial teeth

Because your gums will change for up to 12 months after the initial teeth are fitted, and it takes some time to get used to them, the first set is a temporary solution.


The placement of your final teeth

The first fixed bridge you have made can be expected to last for three to five years. After this period, you may want to have the next bridge made from porcelain or zirconia.


Who Does An Full Arch Implants Treatment Work Best For?

success implant all on X balmoralAll on X dental implants are ideal for patients whose teeth are damaged, decayed or missing. They are also generally suitable for patients who are ineligible for multiple dental implants due to

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Unmanaged diabetes
  • Lack of bone density

Because All on X dental implants are embedded at an angle, it makes them suitable for patients who can’t have bone grafting procedures.

This treatment is typically not considered for patients who are only missing one tooth or have a large number of healthy teeth remaining. It’s best for patients who are in need of full mouth restorations.


The Benefits Of An Full Arch Implants Treatment


Replace an entire arch using fewer dental implants

Placing each dental implant individually is a complex, time-consuming and costly procedure. When you have your dental consultation, your dentist will decide how many dental implants are required to support a dental bridge. Some patients may only need four, while others require the support of six.


Experience faster healing and less downtime

Because only four to six placements are required, the All on X dental implant treatment is less traumatic to your gums. You will have fewer incisions and thus will heal and recover much faster than if you were to have multiple placements.


all on 4 implanted teeth results balmoralMinimise bone loss

Patients who wear dentures will experience bone loss because they do not have tooth roots in their gums to stimulate the jaw. This changes the structure of the jaw, as well as the gum above it. Over time, these changes to your jaw mean that your denture will not fit as securely as when you first received it.

An ill-fitting denture makes speaking and eating uncomfortable. It can also cause irritation in your mouth. Ultimately, your denture has to be relined, repaired or replaced.

Even though you will only have four to six dental implants in place, you will experience less bone loss than if you were to have a denture made.


You don’t have to remove your prosthesis for cleaning

Patients who wear removable dentures need to remove them before bed and for cleaning. Having All on X dental implants allows you to care for your prosthesis in the same way as your natural teeth.

Another benefit of All on X dental implants over removable dentures is that they do not cover your palate. This results in a more comfortable tooth replacement as it does not

  • Result in a gag reflex
  • Affect your sense of taste

It also causes less discomfort and irritation in your gums and soft tissue.

You won’t rely on denture adhesive 

When dentures move around and become difficult to cope with, many patients start using denture adhesive to keep them securely in place. Fixing All on X dental implants in place with implants keeps them secure enough for chewing and speaking.


You won’t have to worry about dietary restrictions

All on X dental implant treatment is a permanent tooth replacement to give the same look, feel, and function as your natural teeth. This means you won’t have to eliminate any foods from your diet, and you can maintain your quality of life.


How Long Does Full Arch Implants Last?

With good dental care, healthy gums and regular dental check-ups, your all-on-X implant treatment could last for decades.


How You Can Contribute To A Successful Full Arch Implants Treatment?


Practice exemplary dental hygiene

Even if you have had a full mouth restoration, you must maintain an excellent level of dental hygiene. Plaque can still accumulate on your prosthesis and even around the dental implants, so it’s essential that you brush and floss as instructed by your dentist.

While your prosthesis cannot decay, poor dental habits can put you at risk of a condition called peri-implantitis. It can also make you susceptible to gum disease, which could jeopardise your dental implants.

You must keep your follow-up dental appointments so your dentist can remove any plaque before it turns into tartar.


Don’t smoke

Smoking has a negative influence on the success of all dental implant surgeries, so it’s vital that you abstain from smoking, even after your surgery is complete. It interferes with your body’s ability to heal and introduces more bacteria into your mouth, which can have an adverse effect on your treatment.


Full Arch Implants Before And After: A Visible Difference

tooth implanted all on X expectation balmoralBefore and after patient photos show a remarkable smile transformation after the all-on-X treatment.  As well as giving you a smile make-over, having the all-on-X treatment will make a significant difference to your self-confidence as well as your ability to enjoy your food without pain.

Using dental implants as anchors gives the bridge more security than if you were to choose dentures. The tooth implants also help you preserve bone in your jaw.

Having a fixed bridge is more convenient than wearing removable dentures because your artificial teeth can be brushed and flossed the same way as your natural teeth. They don’t need to be removed overnight or for cleaning, and you don’t need any specialised cleaning materials or denture adhesive. 

All on X dental implant treatment gives you the benefits of dental implants with less downtime, a shorter recovery, and a lower overall cost. The treatment is suitable for many patients who can’t have single dental implants because of a lack of jaw bone. All-on-X implants don’t require bone grafting because of the angle the implants are positioned, making this tooth replacement suitable for a broader patient base than single dental implants.



While the eligibility criteria for single dental implant placement may have made the treatment out of reach for large numbers of patients, many of those could be suitable for all-on-X treatment. The benefits of implants make the all-on-X treatment preferable to dentures, providing a longer-lasting solution with fewer complications.

If you would like to view our All on X dental implants before and after gallery, or find out if this treatment could work for you, browse our website or reach out to our friendly team. Please contact Balmoral Dental Centre for a convenient appointment and we will schedule your consultation: (07) 3113 9789




Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 



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