Wisdom teeth

The wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth to come into the mouth behind the second molars. They generally begin to appear in the mouth between the ages of 17 and 25, though sometimes can appear much later in life. It is also not uncommon for wisdom teeth to not erupt at all. This is often the case for impacted wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth become impacted if there is not enough room in the mouth for then to develop and erupt normally. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause to pain, difficulties eating and damage to nearby teeth, though in some cases they may not cause any apparent problems at all.

If any problems present relating to the wisdom teeth we recommend having a consultation to see if they require removal. Contrary to popular belief, they don't necessarily require immediate removal in all cases. If ignored, often they may cause damage to surrounding teeth and or tissues.

Even asymptomatic wisdom teeth may have reasons to be extracted. They are especially vulnerable to infection because they are so far back in the mouth and therefore harder to keep clean and healthy, they may also be a reservoir for bacteria. 

Will it hurt?

We offer in chair extractions with minimal pain using local anesthetic, there will be no significant pain during the procedure (other than the initial injections, nothing else should hurt!

However after the procedure, bruising, swelling and throbbing of the area can cause discomfort, however this is nothing that pain killers cannot resolve.

Who you will see?

Whist everyone at Balmoral Dental Centre can see you for the consultations, Dr. James Norman and Dr. Sae Mi Bok does the wisdom teeth extractions. For more complicated or difficult wisdom teeth removals, Dr. Bok will be the one who will be looking after you. With her surgical experience, its very rare that we will need to refer you onto a specialist.

Dr. Sae Mi Bok

What is the processes?


We must first assess the situation, if you are a new patient, we will take an x-ray and discuss your options included with your check up and clean at no extra cost to you!

If you are an existing patient, OR, if you would like to just discuss your options about your wisdom teeth removal, we charge $100 for the consultation + OPG/CBVT (which type of x-ray depends on each individual patient), if you are with a health fund this is GAP FREE.

Contact Us here for your appointment.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

After the assessment and planning, the wisdom teeth are simply removed in the chair. If your wisdon teeth extractions are complex in nature. Dr. Sae Mi Bok is only available on Thursdays, and generally require 1-2 weeks advanced notice when booking.

Pericoronitis Treatment / Wisdom Teeth Pain treatment

Sometimes, the wisdom teeth will be painful due to bacteria in the area causing an infection called pericoronitis.  However if you are not ready have them removed immediately, we can able to numb you up at the clinic, and give your wisdom teeth a very thorough and deep clean under and around the gums. This will clean off the bacteria and temporarily settle the acute infection around the wisdom teeth, this is quite affordable and very quick/easy to get you out of pain.

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