Infiltration Resin

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At Balmoral Dental Centre, we are proud to offer you infiltration resin fillings to improve your smile. This type of filling is used to treat white-spot lesions, dental flurosis and early decay up to the first third of the dentine. This new technique is minimally invasive, ensuring we maintain a conservative approach to improve aesthetics. Before now, our only choices were invasive methods which requires such as fillings or veneers, which require permanently drilling away large amount tooth, or micro-abrasion techniques, which also strip away enamel.

How does infiltration resin work?

Teeth starts to turn chalky white when there are microscopic holes forming in the enamel. This can be caused from orthodontic treatment, early caries, or be there when the tooth formed.

For this procedure, we first etch the teeth with acid for 2-3 minutes at a time, which opens micro-channels down to the areas where there are defects.

This is repeated several times until we can reach all the "micro cavities" within the enamel.

When we are confident we have gotten to them all, we apply the ultra-flowable infiltration resin, which flow down the micro-channels and fill the defects. The end result is a very aesthetic appearance, without a need to ever touch the drill.

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Benefits of infiltration resin

Minimally invasive. Using infiltration resin allows you to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible. There is no need to drill, and compared to fillings, veneers, or microabrasion, the tooth structure lost is negligible.

Good aesthetics. Enamel lesions lose their whitish appearance when their microporosities are filled with the resin and look similar to sound enamel. 

No anaesthesia required. Another widely appreciated attribute of infiltration resin is that the treatment is painless and has little need for anaesthesia. Following an infiltration resin procedure, patients no recovery time, you can immediately return to your normal routines. To make the procedure even safer and less invasive, the dentist would place a rubber dam around the gums to act as a protective layer from the acid. 

Alternative to micro-abrasion. Micro-abrasion is a procedure also used to treat flurosis/white spot lesions, but ICON infiltration resin is less invasive and often can achieve a better result. 

Saves money. Based on aforementioned attributes of the technique being less invasive for your natural teeth and not requiring anaesthetics, patients benefit from paying less for dental expenses both in the immediate and long-term.

Is infiltration resin for me?

If you have white spot lesions left behind from orthodontic treatment, fluorosis or early caries, you are suitable for infiltration resin. These look like white patches:

Book in for a check up and clean, or a consultation to see if this is for you. Balmoral Dental Centre offers you a much gentler and effective alternative to treating white patches using the latest infiltration resin technique. Contact us at (07) 3399 6288 or book a comprehensive check up and clean for more information.

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