Early childhood dental care is important!

Tish and child


This adorable little 2 year old patient was such a superstar! Dr Tish did a check up, clean and floss for her.

Did you know the recommended age for your child’s first dental visit is within 6 months of their first tooth? That’s as young as 12 months old!

“There is no way my 1 year old would ever open their mouths for a stranger!” You might be pleasantly surprised (and we have our little tricks to keep them entertained while we take a quick look at their mouths). The best way to get your child used to the dentist is to bring them with you to your regular check up and clean. We can give them a ride on the dental chair, and get them used to the sights and sounds at the dentist. Bringing children to the dentist at the early age is also important for creating positive dental experiences and reducing dental phobia.

The kinds of thing we check for at an early age are: normal development of the jaws, the right number of teeth and positions, and of course any signs of dental decay or gum problems. Early detection and prevention will aid in reducing complex dental problems later in life.

Here are some of our oral hygiene tips for infants and children:

  • Start wiping the inside of the mouth with a soft damp cloth before any teeth erupt.
  • When there are 2 or more teeth, start using a soft baby sized toothbrush with tap water.
  • Start using children’s toothpaste at 2 years of age and introduce flossing. Usually at this age there are still gaps between the teeth, but flossing at an early age will help to create good habits.
  • Switch to adult toothpaste at 6 years of age. Kids still need parental assistance in brushing their teeth until about 8 years of age!
  • Avoid sugary food and drink, and frequent snacking.

Every child is different and receives tailored advice from our dentists at their check up.

Our friendly team at Balmoral Dental Centre looks forward to taking care of you and your family!

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