Comprehensive Check-up and Clean offer for New Patients

Balmoral Dental Centre, Located in the heart of Bulimba would like to invite you to our dental practice with this offer

This offer applies to any patient attending the practice for their comprehensive exam and clean for the first time. So even if your first visit was an emergency appointment, you are still eligible for this offer!

This appointment is a comprehensive check up of your mouth, including any x-rays normally required, enough time for comprehensive treatment planning and a small consultation if required, oral mucosal screening

At Balmoral Dental Centre, we want to be your dentists for life

Prevention is always better than cure, and ensuring good oral health is more than just your dental health, but can lead to your general well being as well. Regular visits ensure that issues are found early, problems such as low grade infections, long term issues such as oral cancer, or even health concerns such as gastric reflux are often picked up early at a dental examination. 

Cracks and decay found early can be treated before major damage is done often leading to tooth loss. 

Find out what makes us different

No Gap*, or $200 if you are not with a health fund (valued at 400-500 dollars) includes a 70** minute appointment.

Item Codes included, and will be carried out - pending customised requirements from patient

Procedure Applicable Item codes
Comprehensive Exam (011)
BW & PA X-rays, 3D x-ray if required^ (OPG/CBVT) (022 x2), (037 or 026)
Intraoral photographs and imaging (072)
Oral Cancer screening (054)

Treatment planning and Consultation#
Professional scaling and polishing, including stain removal with NSK ProphyMate® (114)
Oral Hygiene instruction (141)
Fluoride Treatment (121)

*Offer applies to eligible healthfunds only - as not everyone has dental cover in their health fund, also offer only valid for New patients only.

**70 minute appointment is a general guideline, actual appoiontment maybe shorter if there is no clinical need

^To limit radiation exposure, full mouth x-rays such as the OPG will only be taken on a per-patient needs basis. Generally an OPG is recommended every 3 years for general screening. CBVT will be taken if dental infections are suspected, or if wisdom teeth removal is required.
For extremely complex cases, a subsequent consultation maybe required

Health Funds

Balmoral Dental Centre Accepts all health funds, we are a preferred provider of HCF, Westfund and NIB, however, if you belong to one of the following health funds below, your very first visit will likely be gap free (this will still be pending your level of cover, however from our past experience, these healthfunds cover at the very least $200 for your very first visit). 

  • AHM
  • Australian Unity
  • BUPA
  • CBHS Health Fund
  • CDH Benifits
  • CUA
  • Defence Health
  • Frank
  • Grand United
  • HBF
  • HCP
  • HIF
  • Navy Health
  • Medibank
  • Police Health
  • Queensland Country Health
  • Railway and Transport Health
  • Teachers Health
  • West Fund

Why are regular check and clean's so important?

dental checkOften patients do not see a dentist till there is some kind of pain in the mouth, however with regular check up and cleans, its possible to avoid the pain and prevent the issue altogether.

Its also much cheaper to fix the problem early on than to wait till there is pain. You also have much better results and a much better prognosis if decay, cracks or other issues are caught early compared to if it is left till there is pain. 

Equipped with advanced diagnostic aids such as our trans illumination caries detector, in-house OPG and 3D CBVT x-ray machine, our clinicians at Balmoral Dental Centre will be able to detect and inform you of any issues very early on. 

With regular visits we strive to help you maintain a cavity free and optimal dental health.

Early Detection of Oral Cancer and Autoimmune diseases

Every single visit at your check up with Balmoral Dental Centre, we are checking and screening your neck, around your mouth as well as inside it for oral cancer and other potential diseases. Oral cancer's prognosis and treatment is greatly improved with early detection and treatment. 

According to this policy, the Australian Dental Association, recommends at the very least yearly dental examinations which includs screening for oral cancer in the head and neck as well as in the mouth. The introduction to the policy statement by ADA also shows some statistics on prevalence. In Australia, oral cancer affects 26.9 people per 100,000 population, which is around 2.9% of all cancers and 1.6% of deaths from cancer. 

Many other systemic conditions especially Autoimmune Diseases actually show up and manifest as symptoms in the oral cavity first. Early Diagnosis can play a decisive role in improving the quality of treatment strategies as well as the quality of life (Saccucci et al., 2018).

To prevent or stop gum disease

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is often quietly progressively getting worse over time. There is often very little symptoms, save for a slight amount of bleeding from the gums during brushing or flossing. 

Calculus, or the tough scale which builds up on your teeth will be inevitable, it is much to hard to remove by brushing or flossing. accumulation of the calculus will allow bacteria or plaque to stick to them more easily, as they have a very rough surface, as well as a porous structure. one of the main purpose of your scaling appointment is the removal of this stubborn scale. 

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Saccucci, M., Di Carlo, G., Bossù, M., Giovarruscio, F., Salucci, A. and Polimeni, A. (2018). Autoimmune Diseases and Their Manifestations on Oral Cavity: Diagnosis and Clinical Management. Journal of Immunology Research, 2018, pp.1-6.

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