Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

If the nerve of a tooth is damaged by decay, injury or fracture of a tooth, then the tooth may need a root canal filling.  These teeth often cause severe and debilitating pain, but may also be painless most of the time.  It is important that root canal infection is treated to remove the source of infection to allow proper healing and help prevent other associated diseases.

At Balmoral Dental Centre, we understand that each case is different so care is taken to fully assess and identify the problem.  Factors including whether the tooth can be restored need to be addressed.

If a root canal is needed, it will usually be done over two or more visits.  In some circumstances a single visit is all that is needed and your dentist will be able to explain what is required for your case.

In cases where significant tooth loss has occurred or when cracks have started a crown may be appropriate restoration to keep the tooth healthy.  We can discuss the need for and timing of this before we start the procedure.

If you believe you need a root canal, please contact our friendly staff for a consultation.


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