Dentures, sometimes referred to as a ‘plate’, replace one or more missing teeth.  A complete denture will replace all teeth in an arch (upper, lower or both) while partial dentures are used when some teeth are remaining.

Teeth can be lost for any number of reasons including tooth decay, gum disease, accidental injury or even congenital defects.  Replacing lost teeth will help to keep your remaining teeth in the right spot and reduce excess loading.  Dentures are a low cost option for, restoring function and looks.

Full dentures have ‘false teeth’ attached to an acrylic base.  Partial dentures have ‘false teeth’ attached to either an acrylic or a metal base.  We’re happy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each with you.

If you need teeth extracted, we can sometimes make the denture and insert it at the same time so you don’t need to be without teeth.

Simply book a consultation so we can discuss all your options for replacing those missing teeth in a manner and at a budget that suits your needs and lifestyle.  Call our friendly team today to find out how we can help you achieve and maintain good function and a happy smile.


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